Trust in the LORD with all your heart,and lean not on your own understanding.

Recorded Messages

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Date Sermon Title Speaker Download
10/13/2013 The Greatness of God Mike Derewianka mp3
10/20/2013 RENAME Paul Thompson mp3
10/27/2013 Pray John Clifford mp3
10/6/2013 The Gospel Beholds Tom Woods mp3
11/17/2013 Forgiveness James Wright mp3
11/24/2013 Thou Timothy Tom Woods mp3
11/3/2013 What Is In The Future David Ward mp3
12/1/2013 Obedience Mike Derewianka mp3
12/22/2013 The Two Gates Ron Russel mp3
12/29/2013 Find Out What Pleases the Lord Ron Ward mp3
12/8/2013 Glorifying God Paul Thompson mp3
1/27/2013 Esther Part 4 Mike Roche mp3
1/6/2013 Esther Part 3 Mike Roche mp3
2/17/2013 God Hears and Releases Those Appointed to Death Paul Thompson mp3
2/24/2013 Unity Through Humility John Clifford mp3
2/3/2013 Above Thinking Rey Reynoso mp3
3/10/2013 Mysteries Revealed David Cetola mp3
3/17/2013 Be Steadfast Bill Campbell mp3
3/17/2013 Encouragement for the Saints Jonathan Szeligowski mp3
3/24/2013 Seven Steps Brian Sorel Sr mp3
3/31/2013 Christ In Daniel 6 David George mp3
3/3/2013 What is God Like Rey Reynoso mp3
4/21/2013 The Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem Ron Russel mp3
4/28/2013 We Have Seen The Lord David Ward mp3
4/7/2013 Gods Glory Joshua Sorel mp3
5/12/2013 Esther Part 5 Mike Roche mp3
5/19/2013 The Riches We Have In Christ Ron Russel mp3
5/26/2013 The Greatest Story Ever Told Thomas Woods mp3
5/26/2013 The Romans Road Michael Derewianka mp3
5/5/2013 God Our Father Joshua Sorel mp3
6/16/2013 Things to Remember David George mp3
6/23/2013 The Love of God Paul Thompson mp3
6/2/2013 Labor of Salvation Brian Sorel Jr mp3
6/9/2013 The Power of the Cross David Cetola mp3
7/21/2013 Prophecy Mike Derewianka mp3
7/28/2013 Identity In Christ David Hayes mp3
7/7/2013 Two Kinds of Judgement David Ward mp3
8/11/2013 Typology 101 Rey Reynoso mp3
8/18/2013 A Runaway Slave Mike Roche mp3
8/4/2013 Passing The Baton Joshua Sorel mp3
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