Trust in the LORD with all your heart,and lean not on your own understanding.

Recorded Messages

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Date Sermon Title Speaker Download
10/19/2014 House of God Tom Woods mp3
11/2/2014 God Who Seeks and Man Who Seeks Paul Thompson mp3
11/9/2014 Lessons From The Disciples Phil Higgins mp3
12/7/2014 Luke 7 We are ALL Sinners Aaron Young mp3
1/12/2014 Guard Your Gates Ron Ward mp3
1/19/2014 Glorify Thy Son Brian Sorel Sr mp3
1/26/2014 Expecting God To Work Mike Derewianka mp3
1/5/2014 Four Boys Tom Woods mp3
2/23/2014 The Light of the Body is the Eye Paul Thompson mp3
2/2/2014 The Faith of Caleb Tom Woods mp3
3/16/2014 Unity John Clifford Jr mp3
3/23/2014 Joy Brian Sorel Sr mp3
3/2/2014 The Call of God to Faith Mike Derewianka mp3
3/30/2014 The Wisdom of God Mike Derewianka mp3
4/13/2014 There Is No Dissapointment With God Ron Russel mp3
4/20/2014 Ressurection Mike Derewianka mp3
4/27/2014 When Jesus Smiles Mike Roche mp3
4/6/2014 Placeholder Bill Campbell mp3
5/11/2014 Mothers Mike Derewianka mp3
5/18/2014 The Resurrection John Clifford mp3
5/25/2014 You are the Salt of the Earth Ron Russel mp3
5/4/2014 Who We Are Jed Snyder mp3
6/8/2014 The Awesomeness of God Jim Daniels mp3
7/20/2014 Peace In All Circumstances Part 1 Mike Roche mp3
7/27/2014 Peace In All Circumstances Part 2 Mike Roche mp3
7/6/2014 Choices Tom Woods mp3
8/10/2014 The Relationship Between Anger and Murder Ron Russel mp3
8/24/2014 PLACEHOLDER Mike Derewianka mp3
9/21/2014 Six Warnings Tom Woods mp3
9/28/2014 Miracle of the Axe Head Brian Sorel Sr mp3
9/7/2014 Paul Thompson The Transfiguration mp3
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